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Welcome to Kalamazoo Soap Co!

~Handmade Natural Cold Process Soap~ 

At Kalamazoo Soap Co., our goal is to offer our customers a safe, natural alternative to the harsh chemicals found in commercial soaps. We strive to provide the most natural and high quality oils and butters that are the most nourishing to the skin, leaving it as soft as the day you were born. All our colorants are from natural plant or mineral materials and our essential oils and fragrance oils are of the highest quality. None of our soaps have animal oils or mineral oil/ petroleum products. Our soaps are made the old fashion way of cold processing; all natural with the use of lye (sodium hydroxide), which is neutralized (saponified) during the process, making soap, well....soap. Since our soaps are all handcrafted and handcut, there will be some variations in size, shape, and coloring.

If you have never tried handmade, natural soap, be prepared to fall in love. You will never go back to the harsh chemicals in commercial soaps again.

All Natural Soap
Great Lather and Long Lasting


We take an enormous pride in creating our products, and hope that you'll find something in our shop that you like.
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Kalamazoo Soap Co.
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Please check our Where to Find Us page to see where we will be selling locally.




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